MEA Compatible client devices

So you’ve got your MEA virtual computer. Now what? What’s the next step, you ask. Well, now you need a ‘client device’, something you’ll be using to connect to your cloud computer.

Amazon Fire HD8 tablet

Amazon Fire accessories

HP laptop

Asus X555DA laptop

Laptop accessories

Google Nexus 9 tablet

Our top pick among all tablets. MEA Android app provides the best, desktop-level pro experience on this fascinating device.











Apple iPad mini 4

A beautiful luxury device for less tech-savvy users. Due to Apple fanatical control over apps MEA will not be released in Apple store for a while. The best way to access MEA from iOS is Safari browser.

iPad mini (older model)

iPadAir 2


iPad Air

iPad Air (Refurbished)




  • Make sure the accessories you are ordering are from the same model as your device. (A Google Nexus case won’t fit an Apple iPad)
  • Reading product reviews helps you find the device/product that suits your needs.
  • If an item is discounted learn why. It’s a good idea to buy things during holiday sales, but if you’re shopping for a discounted smartphone check if its telephony technologies work in your country (e.g. GSM)
  • If you order on Amazon you can save on shipping fees by signing up for a free trial month: