meaOS is an operating system that powers MEA Cloud Computers. It’s Linux distro born on Heraldic’s workstations. Built to adapt to the use in the cloud, it’s a bleeding edge software available exclusively to the users of MEA. When building meaOS Heraldic used its vision of a modern, post-Windows 10 operating system. Cloudization meant heavy use of remote connection, graphic but lightweight interface and additional security measures.

Heraldic learnt the successes and mistakes of past desktop operating systems, so the following features have set the foundation of meaOS:

  • Security
    • Based on the world’s most secure OS family – Linux
  • User-friendliness
    • App market and GUI programs wrapped inside an awesome modern desktop environment
    • Simplified updates
  • Open source
    • Free as in ‘Freedom of speech’ and free as in ‘free beer’
  • Compatibility
    • Thousands of native Linux apps in addition to Windows compatibility layer WINE
  • Advanced networking
    • Heavy use of VPN to connect your client device peripherals